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An epic and gripping tale of catastrophe and survival, The Passage is the story of Amy—abandoned by her mother at the age of six, pursued and then imprisoned by the shadowy figures behind a government experiment of apocalyptic proportions. But Special Agent Brad Wolgast, the lawman sent to track her down, is disarmed by the curiously quiet girl and risks everything to save her. As the experiment goes nightmarishly wrong, Wolgast secures her escape—but he can’t stop society’s collapse. And as Amy walks alone, across miles and decades, into a future dark with violence and despair, she is filled with the mysterious and terrifying knowledge that only she has the power to save the ruined world. 


Where to start, where to start?  I don't quite know.  I am still trying to figure out everything that happened.  I saw this book on a fellow bloggers page, and she gave it such a high rating, that I went and bought the audio book right away.

I started listening to it a while ago, but I only listened to it in the mornings while getting ready, or while driving somewhere.  Today, I took the time to finish the rest of it.  It was always hard to stop listening to.  It was really a great book.  Confusing, and hard to keep track of at times, but a really great book.

This story starts by taking a death row inmate off death row, a woman throwing her abusive boyfriend out, a little girl in a convent, and an experiment gone horribly wrong.

Each one of these things is so important.  They don't really seem to be until you really dive into the book.

An experiment has gone terribly wrong, and with that the world changes forever.  People are disappearing off the face of the earth at an alarming rate.  There are things...what they are specifically no one really knows.  Vampires?  Maybe.  They call them "Virals".   I don't know if we ever really KNOW for sure what they are...except an experiment gone horribly wrong.

There really is so much going on in this book.  When the world changed and we meet some of the survivors from the viral outbreak, we really get to know the importance of the little girl in the convent.  

Everyone tries to find out who this little girl Amy is.  In so doing, we get to meet some pretty wonderful people.  They are struggling to stay alive in a new world where "virals" are still wreaking havoc in the world.  They travel to see if they can find more people out in the world.  It makes for a very exciting book..  

When we take this trip with Amy and her friends the story gets even more exciting.  Truths are revealed, and a life that use to be comes to light.  Soon Amy, and the her friends learn the truth behind the "virals" and a whole new adventure starts.

I really cannot tell you much more.  It really is an interesting book.  I still don't quite know what to think.  I have already started the second book in the series.  I cannot wait to find out how this whole things plays out.  I know it will be magnificent.

I hope you take the time to read or listen to this book.  It was a long book, but not once did I wish it would end.  When it came to the end I knew I couldn't stop there!  The book is exciting, a bit creepy at times, and so much going on.  The characters are so wonderful.  The creepy ones, and the not so creepy ones :). 

Source:  I bought this book for myself off Amazon.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.





Justin Cronin
pic and bio taken from Goodreads

Justin Cronin is an American novelist. Awards he's won for his fiction include the PEN/Hemingway Award, the Stephen Crane Prize, and the Whiting Writer's Award.

Born and raised in New England, Cronin is a graduate of Harvard University and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He currently lives with his wife and children in Houston, Texas where he is Professor of English at Rice University.