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One horrifying day will change the life of sixteen-year-old Shane Tucker and every other kid in the world. 

In a span of mere hours, the entire adult population is decimated, leaving their children behind to fend for themselves and deal with the horrific aftermath of the freak occurrence. As one of the newly made elders in his small town, Shane finds himself taking on the role of caretaker for a large group of juvenile survivors. One who just happens to be Kelly Douglas—an out-of-his-league classmate—who, on any other day, would have never given Shane a second glance. 

Together, they begin their quest to find out why all of the adults were slaughtered. What they find is even more horrifying than anything they could have expected—the annihilation of the adults was only the beginning. Shane and his friends are not the unlucky survivors left to inherit this new, messed-up planet. No, they are its next victims. There is an unknown power out there, and it won’t stop until every person in the world is dead. 

A spine-tingling adventure that will have you gasping for breath all the way until the last page, The Last Orphans is the first book in an all-new apocalyptic series.


This book grabbed me right from the very beginning.  Shane's life didn't start out too hot in the beginning of this book, and just seem to get worse as the book went on.

Shane just lost his grad mother, and on the way home from the funeral, his father kicks him out of the car because he cannot be "man" enough and stop crying.  Little did Shane's father know that would probably be the last time they ever saw each other.

Shane is traveling back to the only place he feels at home, his grand mothers.  While doing so, he runs into his Aunt.  Shane had no idea that would be the last adult he saw alive.

As a kid I always dreamed about what it would be like without any adults around, but that was just in a dream.  Reading about it was down right creepy.  I cannot imagine being 16 and all alone in the world.  Trying to navigate life without any adults, or any skills.  Just thrown into a "new" world.

When Shane and the children find out how this whole thing started and how to make it stop they decide they are going to go as a group to make it stop.  Find a way.  Any way.   This journey is so fantastic.

There are are so many great twists and turns.  The growth that comes to the characters during this book is wonderful as well.  I found this exciting, and was often on the edge of my seat.  I love it when I dive into a book and cannot put it down.  I felt like I was watching a movie.  Yes.  A movie.  That is how real this book was to me.  It was wonderful.  Such great writing.  I cannot wait to move on to the second book!

I am definitely looking forward to more work from Harris!

Source:  I was given this book by the author in return for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.





N.W. Harris
pic and bio taken from Goodreads

Born at the end of the Vietnam war and raised on a horse farm near small town north Georgia, his imagination evolved under the swaying pines surrounding his family’s log home. On summer days that were too hot, winter days that were too cold, and every night into the wee morning hours, he read books.

In addition to writing, he has been a submarine sailor, nurse, and business owner. His studies have included biology, anthropology, and medicine at UCSB and SUNY Buffalo. He is an active member of SCBWI and lives in sunny southern California with his beautiful wife and two perfect children. He writes like he reads, constantly.

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Lazarus Game blog tour

Welcome to my stop for The Lazarus Game


An amazing new video game has the power to resurrect the brightest minds of the past and see what they’d create in the modern world. There’s just one catch—it requires another person’s soul. Carter Chance, who is a teenage genius, must find a way to stop his generation from exchanging their souls for a computer-generated fantasy. This action-packed thriller delves into the enticement and dangers of virtual reality.


I was pleasantly surprised when I read this book.  Video games are my least favorite thing on the planet so I didn't quite know if I would like it.  I am glad I put my dislike for games aside and picked up the book.  It was so good.

When The Lazarus Game Shop comes to town it seems to take over the town.  Kids stop going to school, and some kids go missing.

When the owner of the store tries to get Carter to join his team to make the Lazarus Game even bigger, and better, Carter is quickly drawn in.

Carter sees everything that money and knowledge can buy.  The newest and greatest gadgets, including planes, cars, and so much more.   Who wouldn't love getting involved with that.

This book was exciting and took me somewhere I didn't expect.   I tell my kids all the time that video games suck the life out of you, and this book showed just how that happens ;).  There are so many things in this book that I didn't expect.  In a good way :).  It wasn't just video games, it was so much more.   It was an exciting book.

Source:  I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated in anyway for this review these are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.



Stephen J. Valentine

Stephen J. Valentine received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Utah State University. He is Senior Program Manager for FamilySearch International, responsible for the online publication of billions of historical records. Stephen loves history, hiking, cooking, reading, and traveling, especially to Disneyland. Stephen resides in Utah with his beautiful wife, talented children, brilliant Schnauzer, and massive J.R.R. Tolkien collection.

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Welcome to my tour stop for Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand by R.S. Mellette. This is an upper middle grade, lower young adult sci-fi adventure novel that's perfect for the whole family. This tour runs Feb. 9-20th with reviews and interviews. Check out the tour page for more information.

About the Book:

Billy Bobble Version 4

"E = mc2 is no longer the most powerful force in the universe. Your wand is."
 Twelve-year-old Billy and his best friend Suzy Quinofski didn't mean to change the universe. Billy, a quantum physics prodigy, just wanted to find a way to help his hoarding, schizophrenic mother – and maybe impress a coven of older girls in high school. Suzy, his intellectual equal, wanted to help her friend and cling to her last remnant of childhood, a belief in magic. Together they made Billy a real, working, magic wand, and opened a door to the Quantum World where thoughts create reality, and all things – good and bad – are possible.

 Amazon | Goodreads 


This was a fun book.  I am always on the look out for things that my son might want to read.  He does not enjoy reading at all (which hurts my heart) but if it's interesting enough he will sit thought it with me.  I think that he is going to enjoy this one.

I love stories about smart kids.  I love it when they continue being who they are whether they are liked or not.  We got to see the struggle that Billy and his best friend Suzy go through every day in High School trying to fit in.  Through it all they stay true to themselves, and search for new outlets for their knowledge.

Billy is a great character.  His home life sucks.  His mother is crazy and his brother had been in and out of trouble with the law.  Billy is brilliant and trying to find a place in the world.  He enjoys being with his best friend Suzy performing experiments.

Suzy is a wonderful character as well.  She is a fiercely loyal friend to Billy.  Both she and Billy are teased relentlessly in school, and Suzy stands up for him all the time.  She never makes Billy feels bad about the way his mother makes them live.

There is a group of witches that tease Billy and Suzy all the time.  Billy is determined to teach them that magic isn't read.

One day one of Billy's experiments goes awry.  He disappears in front of Suzy's eyes, and Suzy is the one that gets picked up by the police and questioned.  The story just gets more and more exciting from there on.

This was such a fun ride.  So many things were going on, and it was so great to see Billy and Suzy support each other through all the changes.  They get involved with helping the Government, and its fantastic.

If you enjoy adventure, magic, mystery, and friendships you will enjoy this book.  It is a wonderful middle grade book.  

Source:  I received this book as part of a book tour.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.


About the Author: 

R.S. Mellette has written, directed, designed and acted in theatre, film, television, and publishing for over 30 years. His credits in various jobs include XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, NUTTY PROFESSOR II: THE KLUMPS, BLUE CRUSH, and his own JACKS OR BETTER, which won Dances With Films Best Screenplay award in 2000. He has been working with the festival ever since.
His novel, Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand, released in December 2014 from Elephant’s Bookshelf Press. For novelists, Mellette blogs for From The Write Angle. For filmmakers, he writes for Dances With Films.
 Also find him on AmazonGoodreadsTwitter and Facebook.

1st Prize- *signed* copy of Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand
2nd Prize- Season two of Xena: Warrior Princess
Open to US only
Ends 2/25/15

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Thanks for all the entries!  I am so thankful for all the visits :).  This was so much fun to do :)

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pic and description taken from Goodreads


It’s time for “the talk.” Teach your children the truth about sexual intimacy in a world of shifting values and ideas. With expert advice and age-appropriate wording, you learn how to use the temple as a beautiful analogy to discuss with your kids the sacred subject of sex. Timely and clear, this book is a must-read for parents, teachers, and leaders.


I don't even know where to start with this review.  I have always thought that I am a very open person and we talk about sex and sexuality in our home often.  I never want my kids to not be able to talk to me.  When I was growing up sex is somethinng that was never talked about.  When my mom sat me down before I got married and she told me her "sex" talk, I kind of just giggled.  At that point I had learned more than I ever wanted to about sex from everyone else around me.  There were so many things I wasn't aware of though when I got married, because it was such a taboo subject.  Now, as a mom of a girl who is in the "marrying" age I am determined not to let her go into it blind like I did.  I mean I knew the mechanics and what it was "suppose" to be like, but going through with it was a completely different thing. My parents are wonderful people whom I love more than anything, but they were brought up in a very different time, and when they were young sex was taboo also.  It carried onto their children.  Now I refuse to let it be a "taboo" subject especially in my home.  

I fear in the LDS community that sex is still considered taboo to too many people.  They are uncomfortable talking to their kids about sex and the feelings associated with it.  Even, though I thought I was teaching my kids helpful, and doctrinal things about sex, some friends still think I am way to open.  I think that I will have to share this book with every one I know.

If you want a guide on how to talk to your kids about sex, this book is so wonderful.  It teaches you age appropriate ways to talk to your children.  Most of all it taught me how to not "react" with anger or shame.  To always react with love, and concern for the child.  That was a real eye opener to me.  I know for a fact I have said things like "it's just gross, don't do it".  Now I know that is the wrong thing to say.  We are going to have a FHE about this book.  That is how wonderful I think it is.

Every child should be able to talk to their parent about their sexuality and sex.  If they cannot talk to you then who are they getting their information from?  Brooks does such a great job explaining, how to talk to your children, along with some questions and answers.    Brooks gives a ton of resources for you to go to in your time of need to answer a question you may not know the exact right answer to, or just helpful books to assist you in talking to your kids.

Brooks emphasis on responding with love and not shame is so wonderful.  I will now try harder to react the right way so there is not question that I love them, and that they should never feel ashamed of the feelings they are having.  I love my kids and will no matter what choices they make in their lives.  This book helped open my eyes to ways I can reiterate this love for them, especially in such a tender subject.

What I loved most is how Brooks brought the Temple in to every aspect of talking to our kids.  Teaching them how important our bodies are and how they are a Temple, put a whole new perspective on how to approach the subject from now on.  

I could go on and on.  There are so many wonderful things I could say about this book.  If you have any concerns about how to talk to your children about sex, not matter their age, this book is a wonderful resource.  It truly tought me so many things, and has opened my eyes a lot, when I thought they were already open.  Hmmm...Humbling experience reading this book!

Hands down the best resource book I have ever read!  

Source:  I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.





pic taken from her blog

Cherri H. Brooks grew up in Centerville, Utah and attended Utah State University where she earned her M.S. in Family and Human Development. She is the author of the LDS Living Magazine article, “Talking to Kids about Sex.” Her blog is She lives in Clarksville, Tennessee, with her husband and three children.

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pic and description taken from Goodreads


It’s summer vacation, the weather’s great, and all the kids are having fun outside. So where’s Greg Heffley? Inside his house, playing video games with the shades drawn.
Greg, a self-confessed "indoor person,” is living out his ultimate summer fantasy: no responsibilities and no rules. But Greg’s mom has a different vision for an ideal summer . . . one packed with outdoor activities and "family togetherness.”
Whose vision will win out? Or will a new addition to the Heffley family change everything?


I am constantly on the look out for books that my son will like.  He has Dyslexia and reading has always been so hard for him.  He hates it.  Which kind of breaks my heart.  He is finally gaining some interest in reading now that he has been through a few years of tutoring with a wonderful tutor who specializes in Dyslexia.  

He started showing interest in some Magic Tree House Books, but we have a lot of these Diary of A Wimpy Kid books at our house.  One day he just picked one up and read it all by himself.  I think I cried a little that day :).

Well, we recently read one of them together.  I have to admit this book was super cute.  I think I laughed harder at times than he did.  

Anything that gets him to sit and read is worth every minute.  Not only did he want to read it he asked for me to read more.  He never wants to read more. (Okay enough of the personal stuff)

Greg is a funny kid.  He is determined to have the ultimate Summer.  His mother has decided they need to spend more time together as a "family".  Grey is not happy about all the "family" time, but when he goes to the pool for the first time he sees a girl he likes.  He decided Summer won't be so bad if he has to spend it at the pool "helping" the girl he is fond of.  That is until someone throws up at the pool, then Greg isn't so fond of helping anymore.

When Greg's dad comes home with a dog, he thought it would be all fun and games.  The dog seems to take to Greg, much to his dismay.  

This was such a fun book to read with my son.  It was fun to listen to him giggle.  I don't think he appreciated my giggling, but he put up with it ;).

I don't know if I enjoyed this because it was entertaining or because my son actually sat down and read a book with me.  Okay it was both :)!  This is a great children's book.  I really enjoyed it.



Jeff Kinney is an author of children's books including Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. Jeff was born in College Park, Maryland, in 1971 where he created a comic strip called "Igdoof."He also created the children's website 'Poptropica'.

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pic and description taken from Goodreads


In this stunning bridge book between Cress and Winter in the bestselling Lunar Chronicles, Queen Levana’s story is finally told.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?

Fans of the Lunar Chronicles know Queen Levana as a ruler who uses her “glamour” to gain power. But long before she crossed paths with Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress, Levana lived a very different story – a story that has never been told . . . until now. 

Marissa Meyer spins yet another unforgettable tale about love and war, deceit and death. This extraordinary book includes full-color art and an excerpt from Winter, the next book in the Lunar Chronicles series.


There really are no words for how much I love this series.  I love re-tellings, and this is the hands down my favorite re-telling of Cinderella and more ;) to date.  It's so fantastic.

I listened to this book on my audible account and the narrator was fantastic, and I felt like I was right there in the castle with Levana the whole time.  Which could be seriously creepy at times...but you will have to find that out yourself ;).

I love learning how the "bad" girl in this case becomes the "bad" girl.  Levana has been interesting to me from the beginning.  I never did like her but now I know why!

I can't say too much because I don't want to give any thing away, but I loved Levana's story.  She is one messed up chick.  This book explains just HOW messed up she is.

It was fun to see how Winter comes into play in this book.  I was excited before for Winter's story but now UGH!  It needs to be out NOW!!! 

This is such a great addition to the Lunar Chronicles.  I love being able to understand each character in books that I love so much.  I wish there could be a novella for each character I like or dislike ;).  Which is weird for me because I usually don't "love" novellas.  BUT, I love this one.

If you have liked the Lunar Chronicles so far this is a wonderful addition to it. Wonderful.





Marissa Meyer
pic and bio taken from Goodreads

I live in Tacoma, Washington, with my fiancé and our two cats. In addition to my slight obsession with books and writing, I'm big on road-tripping, wine-tasting, and hunting for antiques. I'm represented by Jill Grinberg.

CINDER, my debut novel, is a futuristic re-envisioning of Cinderella in which Cinder is a cyborg mechanic. Release date: 3 Jan 2012.



Thanks to all who participated in the giveaway!  If you are the winner please make sure you respond to the email that has been sent to the address given in the Rafflecopter.

I hope you enjoy your new book.

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I am excited to participate in Take Control of your TBR Pile hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer  for the first time.  I adore her blog and am always looking for reasons to read my TBR pile.  Seems silly, right?  Well with reviews I feel like I must complete those first before reading for "fun".  Does that make sense???  I do much better with that when I enter a challenge!  

Here are the rules from Kimba's blog:


  • Link-up! This is open to everyone. If you do not have a blog then link your Facebook or Goodreads account.
  • Make a Goals/updates/Results post (can be combined) On Goodreads create a folder for Take Control and share your intentions on your wall.
  • Begins March 1st, 2015 and ends March 31, 2015 at midnight.
  • Read/listen to books from your TBR pile .
  • ALL books must have been published before March 2015.
  • Post a review to Goodreads, your blog or Facebook then link it to the Rafflecopter for an entry. (mini review)
  • You can combine events, challenges etc.
  • No novellas for this one peeps
  • The rafflecopter will only allow you to enter up to two books daily, so update as soon as you finish a book.
  • Earn an extra entry for adding Take Control Button to your blog, or facebook (with link-back)
  • Use hashtag #TakeControlTBR
  • Twitter Party and read-a-thon will be announced to help you reach your goals.
  • Rafflecopter will close on April 2, 2015 at midnight and a winner will be chosen within 72 hours. Open internationally as long as Book Depository/Amazon/ Barnes and Noble ship to you. Prize: New 2015 release valued at up to $20.00. I will do pre-orders as well. (may request eBook or Audible audio copy)

I only have 2 reviews set up for March so far, so I will be able to devote almost a whole month to my TBR pile.  YAY.  I am so excited for this challenge :).

I wish I had fantastic goals in mind, but I don't.  I just want to be able to read as many books as possible in March.  I will update as much as I can, and plan to visit other participating blogs during this time also.  I love being introduced to new blogs :).    Good luck to all of you who are participating.  I look forward to seeing your updates.

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This is the first blog hop I have ever participated in.  I am so excited to be part of it.  I just hope I am doing it right ;).

Romance is by far one of my favorite genres to read.  I sometimes just need a book to read that is light and fluffy and sometimes really cheesy.  Yes, I love cheesy also.  What I love more than anything is a love story that has a growing attraction.  I am not fond of insta love, but I can deal with it if it's done well.  

I am giving away a EBOOK of REWIND TO YOU by Laura Johnston


This has been one of my favorite books this past year.  Johnston is an amazing author and it is so beautifully written.  You can find my review here.  What I love about this book is that it's so sweet and it's clean!  Two of my favorite things :).  

Good luck to all who enter.  I am forever thankful for all those who follow me, and for all the awesome comments.  I appreciate each and every one.

Here is a blurb from Goodreads:

One last summer before college on beautiful Tybee Island is supposed to help Sienna forget. But how can she? This is where her family spent every summer before everything changed, before the world as she knew it was ripped away. 

But the past isn’t easily left behind. Especially when Sienna keeps having episodes that take her back to the night she wants to forget. Even when she meets the mysterious Austin Dobbs, the guy with the intense blue eyes, athlete’s body, and weakness for pralines who scooped her out of trouble when she blacked out on River Street. 

When she’s with Austin, Sienna feels a whole new world opening up to her. Austin has secrets, and she has history. But caught between the past and the future, Sienna can still choose what happens now…

This entry is open internationally since it is an ebook.  As long as you can receive ebooks from  and have an email address you can enter!  

Thanks to Kathy at I Am A Reader Not A Writer for the opportunity!  If you want to see others participating on the blog hop go here

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Don't forget to enter a chance to win WITHOUT CONDITION!  The interview and give away are here!  It is such a sweet book!


We're Blitzing the Release of
King of Ash and Bone
By Melissa Wright
The first book in The Shattered Realms Series.

Writing a book or series of books is a substantial commitment. Authors spend a lot of time and effort avoiding the temptation of shiny new ideas, because chasing other stories will never get you a finished manuscript. But the best inspirations hang around, waiting in the corners of your mind, tugging at your attention until they've grown too monstrous and delightful to be ignored. These are the stories that are most fun to tell, the ideas that will not be turned away.

I'm happy to report my newest title is just one of these monsters. King of Ash and Bone began niggling at me about midway through the Descendants Series as a simple idea: a magical apocalypse. A heroine with steadfast determination came in next, followed quickly by the handsome anti-hero who just might have what it takes to break her resolve. And of course he would have something to hide that might test them both. I found myself researching end-of-days scenarios in my spare time, gathering images of winged beasts and deserted cities as this new world grew and grew, forming its own brand of chimera and bursting into a second realm, complete with problems of its own.

The Shattered Realms series is certainly lined up to be the most complex I've ever written, and I can only hope it catches readers' hearts and imaginations the way it has mine.

Would you like to sign up to review King of Ash and Bone
Do so HERE!

King of Ash and BoneKing of Ash and Bone
(Shattered Realms, #1)
by Melissa Wright
YA Urban Fantasy, SciFi
February 2nd 2015

When flying monsters break through the veil into her world, Mackenzie Scott has nothing left to lose. Her brother has been taken, her future has vanished, and all that remains is a desperate need for revenge. After discovering the breach the creatures used as a gateway, Mackenzie devises a plan to stop them, whatever the cost.

When she finds an injured stranger in the street, he just might be the key she needs to succeed. What Mackenzie doesn't know is that this stranger isn't the helpless boy he appears to be. He's one of the monsters. And he's got plans of his own.

Thrown into a dying city in another realm, Mackenzie is powerless to get back. With the gateway closing, time is not on her side. But the stranger is, and if they can escape execution, this girl and her monster might be able to save both their worlds.

You can read a teaser here.

Melissa Wright is the author of the Frey Saga and Descendants Series. She is currently working on the next book, but when not writing can be found collecting the things she loves at Goodreads and Pinterest.

Blitz Giveaway

$50 Amazon Gift Card
Open internationally
Ends February 9th

Prism Book Tours


Lost Energy (Energy Series #2)
Release Date: 02/03/15
260 pages

Summary from Goodreads:
Last spring, Lena discovered who she was.

Now all she wants to do is move on—and find a way to be with Tarek, the new Warden of Arcus and the love of her life. Even though worlds separate them now, she holds onto the hope they’ll be together again. Until then, Lena focuses on being truly happy for the first time in her life…this life. She has new friends, an apartment free from her abusive father, and the chance to live a normal life.

But for Lena, the past never stays gone.

A woman from another lifetime reveals Cassondra, Exemplian’s new authority commander, is seeking revenge against Tarek for killing her brother. There is only one way to end this new threat…

This time, it will take more than Wilma to keep the monsters away. It’ll take an entire army–an army who remembers Lena from her past life, and who might just want her dead, too.

Lena’s past will shape her future more than she could ever imagine.


Closing my eyes, I struggled to relax as I sunk into the bed. The fight was useless–the excitement I felt every night at this exact moment never abated.
Like clockwork, I heard him.
So, I'm saddled with Wilma for a while.
I smiled, Tarek's rich voice swelling my heart, tingling my spine. Didn't matter what he said; he could've been talking about the hibernation practices of snails.
She's not all bad, bitching about the animals, mostly.
A gap wedged into the conversation after that–something he had a habit of doing. How I missed those annoying pauses.
She said you're doing better against Farren. Remember what I told you about him. Don't forget the bum right knee. Play a little dirty, and you'll get him on the ground in no time.
I snuggled deeper under the covers, hugging the same pillow I held every night–the one that still wore his shirt–thinking about apples and lilacs.
Wilma said you're happy. He chuckled. Complain too much, but happy. I could almost feel his sigh against my ear as it echoed in my brain. I miss you.
"Miss you, too." That part of the one-sided conversation I always said aloud, willing him to hear it, know it.
As usual, he changed the subject to something lighter. My giant always made me smile…even when he was worlds away. I guess Zander's still driving Teenesee crazy. He won't stop asking questions. Wilma avoids him when she goes. She says he complains more than you.
The tears started to well, and no matter how hard I tried to stop them, they'd come. They came every night.
The river hasn't raged in weeks. Even the squid are behaving for the most part. Wilma only had to kill one this time.
Tarek told me once that his mood controlled the environment. He'd spent the better part of his time trying to rein in his emotions to make the place better. Wilma said our midnight talks helped.
It's cold as hell in the castle, regardless how high I build the fire. Pause. But I finished the place in the woods, close to the bank. I'll sleep here tonight; Wilma can sleep on the floor.
I imagined the cabin by the bank, imagined us there together, surrounded by the vibrant colors.
I'm going to let you sleep now. Wilma's banging on the door. She's not finished harassing me, I suppose. Be safe… I love you.
Tears dripped on the pillow as I hugged it closer to my heart.

"Love you, too."

Buy Links:

Book One:

Tainted Energy
Release Date: 2014

Summary from Goodreads:
For seventeen-year-old Lena, living in the trailer park with the rest of town’s throwaways isn’t exactly paradise. Dealing with a drunken father who can't keep his fists to himself doesn’t help matters either. The only good thing in her life, other than track, is the mysterious man who visits her dreams, promising to find her.

When a chair burns her arms, Lena chalks it up to stress-induced crazy. Yet as bizarre incidents escalate, even being crazy can’t explain it all away… until one day dream guy does find her.
Tarek lost Lena seventeen years ago after she was accused of treason and marked Tainted. He finally discovers her reborn on Earth into a life of suffering as punishment for her crime.

However, someone else has already found her… and wants her dead. Willing to sacrifice everything, he fights to keep her safe so she can live the only life she’s ever known—even if that life doesn’t include him.

Buy Links:
AmazonBarnes & Noble

About the Author
Born in Pennsylvania, Lynn spent most of her childhood, especially during math class, daydreaming. Today, she spends an obscene amount of time in her head, only now she writes down all the cool stuff.

With a degree in English Literature, Lynn used college as an excuse to read for four years straight. She lives in the Pocono Mountains with her husband, raising the four most incredible human beings on the planet. She writes young adult novels, both fantasy and contemporary.

Author Links:
 photo iconwebsite-32x32_zps1f477f69.png  photo icongoodreads32_zps60f83491.png  photo icontwitter-32x32_zpsae13e2b2.png  photo iconfacebook-32x32_zps64a79d4a.png

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