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Run Run Runaway
Destiny Bay Romances: Sweet Editions
by Helen Conrad

Run Run Runaway
Destiny Bay Romances - Forever Yours
(Sweet Edition #1)
by Helen Conrad
Adult Romance
Paperback & Ebook, 169 pages
March 28th 2014 by Doorknock Publishing

It seemed like a good idea at the time. 

The trouble is, when you run from your problems, you often find out your biggest obstacle is along for the tripit's you! Reid Carrington realizes that when he finds Jennifer and recognizes the quiet desperation in her eyes. Can he save someone who doesn't want to be saved? Or like a lifeguard rescuing a swimmer, will she pull him down into the undertow in the end?

Recipes for Jennifer's Mango Salsa and Tilly's Bruschetta included. 

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“How about the Parrot?” Martha suggested.

The Parrot was a cute little nightclub. Unfortunately, it was also a punk nightclub. Everyone inside looked like survivors of a nuclear blast, and the band sounded like missiles shooting out of silos, detonations and all.  Most in their party pulled out their cell phones and began texting to communicate.  But Reid balked at that. 

“We can’t talk in here,” Reid yelled, his lips almost pressed against Jennifer’s ear.

“You’re not supposed to talk in here,” she yelled back.


She laughed, shrugged, and pulled him over to the dance floor. They danced, or bumped, or whatever it was called at the moment. Reid didn’t mind bumping Jennifer, but he had trouble with the bumps from other couples, and Jennifer had to restrain him more than once from taking action against someone he thought particularly rough.

There was a break in the music, and he shook his head, looking down at her. “This isn’t dancing. This is a New York subway at rush hour.”

“Fun, huh?”

“Not really.”

She looked around at the other patrons with their spiked hair and piercings and tattooed foreheads. Suddenly, she realized she didn’t think so either. “Let’s go somewhere else,” she called to Eddie.
Eddie looked resentfully at Reid, but he nodded. “Okay. How about the Lili Marlene?”

The Lili Marlene was perfect for Reid, Jennifer decided when they walked in. The lounge was long and dimly lit and decorated in forties decor. A torch singer sat on the piano at the far end, her hair piled high, her dress complete with padded shoulders and a nipped-in waist, singing the songs that sent the boys off to the Second World War.

“Now this is the kind of place I can appreciate,” Reid said. “At least we can talk.”

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Helen Conrad is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than 90 romances (over 15 million copies sold) published under various pseudonyms with Harlequin, Silhouette, Loveswept, and others. She is currently revamping and rewriting much of her backlist—mainly into the Destiny Bay Romances Series. The first six, the Forever Yours Series, are being rewritten as Sweet Editions.

Destiny Bay Romances-The Sweet Editions
These are basically the same stories that are found in Destiny Bay Romances- Forever Yours, but with the conflicts softened a bit, the language cleaned up, and no explicit love scenes. There are still a few adult situations, but they're muted. Consider these the PG versions.

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  1. This looks like a cute series. Romance is good anywhere.

  2. This really does look like a cute series, thanks for sharing the excerpt with us. :)

    1. My pleasure :)! It makes me want to read on the beach :)

  3. This looks like a good romance. I like the covers, they are very well done.

    1. I love the pictures that go along with the posts as well :)