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A themed tour with Prism Book Tours

Welcome to my tour stop for THE ROSE GARDEN TOUR for
Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice
by Heidi Ashworth

Roses in the Miss Delacourt Series

It all begins when the Dowager Duchess of Marcross sends her grandson, Sir Anthony Crenshaw, to accompany her niece, Miss Ginny Delacourt, to their country estate to check on the roses. The Dowager is concerned since her neighbor is keen on stealing cuttings from her spectacular rose garden for Rosehaven, his rose-inspired country home. On the way, they have a carriage accident and are held up by highwaymen but it isn't until they are quarantined at Rosehaven for the pox that Ginny's and Sir Anthony's love begins to bloom.

Thus the series begins...
Heidi Ashworth, the author, has a beautiful rose garden and each stop is showcasing one of her roses. 
Here is mine:

Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice
by Heidi Ashworth
Adult Historical Romance
Ebook, 274 pages
April 24th 2014 by Dunhaven Place Publishing

Mr. Colin Lloyd-Jones and his friend, Sir Anthony Crenshaw, make a pact to avoid the fair sex during the course of an entire season in order to nurse their wounded hearts. As they shake hands on it, they have no idea that one would soon be off on a trip to escort a young lady to the country and the other soon to fall head over heels in love with Miss Elizabeth Armistead. Sadly, Miss Armistead is only interested in those she trusts not to become so besotted with her beauty that they cannot see her true self. Prior to meeting Colin, she had only met one man fitting that description and she has promised to be his bride. However, Mr. Cruikshank is not due to arrive in London for a full month. Can Colin convince Miss Armistead that he loves her for more than her beauty before her betrothed's ship arrives on British shores?

"I find that I tire of sitting.  Miss Elizabeth, would you be kind enough to accompany me for a walk along the river?"
            Three sets of eyes looked up at him in some consternation, but Miss Elizabeth rose to her feet and took his arm without the slightest sign of trepidation.  Miss Katherine made an attempt to rise, as well, but Analisa very sensibly placed the entire blancmange in Miss Katherine's lap, effectively pinning her to the ground.  He made another note to procure a fitting gift for his most excellent sister, a resolve he forgot entirely the moment he turned his back. 
            Determined that they should walk to where they should not be overheard, Colin at first refrained from speaking.  He headed for the edge of the river with its masses of greenery and promised privacy.  He would not end the day without opening his budget on the state of his heart.  Whether or not Miss Elizabeth wished to hear what he had to say was a question he longed to be answered.
            So it was that she was the first to break the silence.  "Mr. Lloyd-Jones, I must thank you for this outing.  What a pleasure it has been!  India is either too hot or too rainy to venture out of doors more than rarely.  But here . . "  She spread wide her free arm and looked into the sky.  "It is such a beautiful, mild, sunny day and I find myself quite content."
            Colin caught sight of only her dimpled chin and red mouth from under her bonnet, but he was persuaded he had never before seen a more fascinating dimple or a more enticing red.  Before he said what he most fervently wished to say, he must arrange matters so that he would be allowed to gaze into her face of an entirety; there was much to learn from her countenance and he would know it all.  The fear that she would not like his words and that it might be the last time he would be allowed to gaze upon that face was one he barely allowed himself to feel. 
            "I have heard it said that it rains in Scotland, every single day."  He knew it was a mistake before the words were out, but he could not seem to refrain from adding upon it.  "And that is summer only.  The other seasons of the year offer far worse."
            She turned to look at him, but the shadow made by her infernal bonnet rendered her eyes impossible to read.  "Mr. Lloyd-Jones, if I did not know better, I should think you felt it your duty to make apparent the errors in my thinking."
            "What errors would those be?" he asked with a bald-faced innocence that rang false in his own ears. 
            She looked down and he was robbed of all but the sight of her chin. "Mr. Lloyd-Jones, I had believed myself safe in your company; that you comprehended my circumstances; that your honor would not allow you to place me in a position that should compromise my character."
            He thought perhaps her voice shook with tears and he wished to tell her how very remorseful he was.  He wished to speak words of approbation for the very character of which she spoke.  More than anything he wished to pull her behind the nearest privet and rid her face of that abhorrent bonnet. 
            To his wonder, she did not object and they stood gazing raptly into one another's eyes, the bonnet wedged between them. 
            "Miss Elizabeth," he breathed.  "I cannot ask you to do or say anything that should force you to compromise your integrity.  It is that very integrity at which I stand in considerable awe.  I should be a fool to mar what is one of your most admirable qualities. And yet I cannot let this opportunity pass without telling you it is far from the only quality in which I most ardently delight."
            "Mr. Lloyd-Jones, I must beg you to stop!"
            "Why?" he asked as he tossed the hat to the ground and took her hands in his.  "Are my attentions so unwelcome?"
            "No!" she said so quickly that he felt he had reason to hope.  "That is to say, there is naught in your manner or your character that I find in the least unwelcome.  If I were but free," she said, shaking her head, her eyes wet with tears, "but it is of no use.  I have made my choice and I must abide by it."

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Heidi Ashworth, author of the popular Miss Delacourt series, including the award-winning Miss Delacourt Has Her Day, is a busy wife and mother who's grateful for a bit of peace and quiet in which to write. An unapologetic anglophile, she is determined to return to England to see the home of Jane Austen, a landmark she missed during her first trip across the pond, though she knows Lord Byron's house to be a suitable substitute. She's smitten with books, chocolate, and roses, not necessarily in that order, and is never averse to a round of Guitar Hero.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the excerpt and giveaway on this one, I just love that cover!

  2. I love roses and pansies.


  3. I want that dress!!! I know I might look funny walking around in it, but it's just so gorgeous. I guess I might need to go time traveling... Sounds like a good series!

    1. I love the dress as well. I do not like dresses very much, but old fashioned dresses are my favorite! If I could wear them, I might actually like wearing a dress sometimes :)

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  5. This is a great book! I highly recommend it! I think my favorite flower has always been the little flower called Pinks. It's similar to a carnation, but small. My mom had them in our garden growing up.

    1. Awesome :). I am definitely excited to read it. I love love love this cover :)

  6. Thanks for the excerpt! I love the roses :)

    1. I know! Me too! I think we should get some and make cute things to put them in! I'll leave that up to your creative brain :)