Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 TBR Pile Challenge

I am participating in a challenge this year, with BOOKISH Blog but I think that I may not be doing it right because I haven't seen or heard anything for a while, but I am going to post anyway!  I haven't had much time to read books other than review books.  I am trying to slow down with the reviews so that I can read a little more for "fun" instead of because I feel like I "have" to...hehe!


I read 4 this month just for my pleasure.  Hopefully I will get a few more before the end of the month, but we shall see.  My TBR Pile is so out of control..hehe!  It is a lot of fun to do this though.  

I am not going to put the review back up on this page, I will just link the reviews below.


such a great book!


I LOVE this series!


So inspiring!

fun series!