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As a young man, Leon Nader suffered from insomnia. As a nightwalker, he even turned to violence during his nocturnal excursions and had psychiatric treatment for his condition.
Eventually he was convinced he had been cured - but one day, years later, Leon's wife disappears from their flat under mysterious circumstances. Could it be that his illness has broken out again?
In order to find out how he behaves in his sleep, Leon fits a movement-activated camera to his forehead - and when he looks at the video the next morning he makes a discovery that bursts the borders of his imagination. His nocturnal personality goes through a door that is totally unknown to him and descends into the darkness....


This book was creeptastic!  I am a huge fan of audio books because it allows me to do one of my favorite things while working around my house or running errands.  I saw a review for this book on a fellow bloggers page, and immediately had to purchase it.  I am so glad I did.  I sucked it up in one day.  Poor kids tried to talk to me with ear buds in my ears all day....Hmm, now maybe now they know how it feels as a mom to speak to them...

The very first chapter, had me squirming.  Bugs......that's all I will say.

Psychological thrillers trip me out.  Our minds are so complex and amazing, and at the same time can be scary.  Things that make you go "hmmm".  

Leon finds himself waking up from a nightmare to find his wife is packing her things and crying.  When he sees her face all beat up he is horrified.  Did he do it?  Has his condition come back?

Leon decided to buy a camera to hook to his head to see what is going on at night while he sleeps.  When he wakes the next day to watch the film he finds something in his house and gets pulled into an underground world.  The problem is Leon cannot decide if what is happening is real or if it's all a bad dream.

The story is absolutely fascinating.  Even I was questioning what was happening to Leon.  Sometimes I didn't even know if what I was listening to was Leon being conscious of his behaviors or in some kind of in between sleep and consciousness state.

Leon finds clues that his wife didn't actually leave but is missing, and this door he has found in his room is going to lead him to her somehow.  Leon finds out that his wife isn't who he thought she was, but he still loves her and is desperate to find her. 

First he finds her cell phone.  Then he finds his pen, that was on his desk.  The more clues he finds the more Leon is convinced that he himself has put Natalie in danger, and may in fact be responsible for her disappearance.

As this story unfolds I was constantly saying "what the what".....Just when I thought something made sense something else would happen that made me question my own judgement of what was happening.  I love it when a book does that to me.

The ending was as fantastic as the beginning.  I was caught off guard, surprised, and it was awesome.  If you like psychological thrillers this is a great one to pick up.  Plus the narrator is awesome and has a sweet accent that I could have listened to for hours.  In fact, as soon as I was done with this book I immediately bought another one of his books with the same narrator.  I love the way this author's mind works.  It is so mind blowing to hear it played out in a book.

Source:  I bought this book for myself.  I was not compensated in any way for this book.  These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.





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