Monday, November 9, 2015


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Law student Theo Novak simply saw what no one else did: a suspicious link between an ongoing environmental lawsuit and the nomination of a new judge that would ensure a victory for the energy companies. He stumbled on a conspiracy that extended to the upper echelons of the US government—and wrote a legal brief to kill for… After a long and prestigious career, Congressman Max Southland is ready to retire, and as a member of his staff, Mattie Mathis is on hand to help her uncle wind down his career. When Mattie receives a cryptic call from her boyfriend and fellow staffer Craig, she’s left with more questions than answers: an interesting bit of research by a young law student has surfaced that could have national consequences. A copy is on its way to her. Before she can process this information, Craig is dead . . . and Mattie will be next. There is only one person who can help Mattie: Jack Summers, a cop whose sense of duty stems not only from his assignment but from his growing feelings for the woman he’s bound to protect. As the pair runs for their lives, it is clear that a violent cover-up has been plotted—and they must unravel the conspiracy if they hope to survive.


Mattie's life isn't at all what she expected it to be.    She thought she had everything she ever wanted, and then it all changed in the blink of an eye.  

Mattie has suffered a lot of loss in her life time.  Now she is facing the loss of her boyfriend Craig.  Mattie doesn't quite know how she is going to move on, but doesn't even really have time to think about it.  All of the sudden she is running for her life, and she doesn't even know for sure why.  

Jack is a cop that is sent to investigate the killing of Mattie's boyfriend Craig.  While trying to interview Mattie he soon realizes that there is danger lurking and now is helping Mattie run for her life.  

This story reminded me of the movie The Pelican Brief.  There is a study out that will put a lot of influential people in a sticky place, and someone is determined to not let anyone see it.  People are dying and Mattie and Jack are finding that it may all be connected.

While they search for the connection, attempts to on Mattie's life make her life a little unbearable.

This is an exciting story.  I believe the narrator was the same as the one I previously listened to and I didn't particularly like her.  She was much better in this book, but the book itself was fantastic.  I had this on CD and I had it in my car, and it kept me flipping discs.  I kept finding ways to be in my car.  Although in my life that isn't hard.

This was a clean, intense, CD changing book :).  I really enjoyed it.  I loved Mattie, and I loved Jack.  They are such great characters.  I loved the setting since most of it takes place in home town :).  

If you enjoy mystery this is a great book to pick up, or listen to.

Source:  I bought this CD for myself from Deseret Book.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.





Jean Holbrook Mathews has been a student of history and geography most of her life. She served as the administrative director for an international foundation headquartered in St. Louis with chapters in five countries, including the Philippines. She has traveled in Asia and Europe and lived in the Philippines for nearly two years while on a mission with her husband for the LDS Church. During that time she studied the culture, history, geography, government, and language of that nation, learning to love the people and those beautiful islands.