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Three years ago, the small town of Britteridge was rocked by the senseless murder of Gail Ludlum. Now the people most affected by the tragedy have returned to the place where it all began, and the scene is set for the perfect revenge . . .
Megan O’Connor’s life was shattered when she was unwittingly drawn into a kidnapping plot that ultimately led to the murder of an innocent woman. Though the road to redemption has been long, she’s finally found happiness with her recent engagement to a wonderful man, a pillar of the community. But amid the chaos of wedding planning, the return of Gail Ludlum’s son to Britteridge sets in motion a disturbing sequence of events. Soon Megan finds herself the victim of a series of cruel deceptions that indicate one thing: her past mistakes have not been forgiven or forgotten. As the mischief escalates to dangerous levels, it becomes clear that someone is determined to avenge Gail’s death. And he won’t rest until he’s taken a life for a life.


Okay, let me start by stating yet again, I didn't know that this was book 2.  UGH.  Having said that I don't think I missed all that much from book one.  Okay, probably not true, but I didn't feel lost.  Does that make sense?

I bought this book on CD to listen to in my car.  Sometimes I have my ipod with me (well most times), but sometimes I just like to pop in a CD and listen.  My kids usually end up enjoying the books as it's good for all.

I enjoyed this story.  I really did.  I did NOT like the narrator.  So, IF you decide to read this book take my advice and read it.  Don't listen to it.  A bad narrator for me can ruin a book.  Thankfully I liked this one enough, that I let the annoying voice slide.  It's not that she didn't read well, I just didn't think she conveyed the intensity of the book very well.  It seemed too "ehh" for me.

This was an exciting book.  I have always wanted to be a twin.  I never thought about having an evil twin.  Probably because I would have been the evil twin..hehehe.  Any way, to have a twin who tried to kill you.  Umm, no thank you.  

Megan's life is complicated, and seems to get more so when Bryce is let out of jail for his part in the kidnapping of her now fiance's sister Rachel. With Megan's sister in jail for life in her part of the kidnapping and murder, the Drakes, and Megan thought the worse was behind them.  Bryce may be out of jail, but he seems to be doing what he is suppose to.  Yet, Megan is getting threatening letters, and someone is out there trying to make her look bad.  

There are still plenty of people who probably don't want Megan to marry the most eligible bachelor of their small town Trevor Drake, but Megan had no idea the lengths people would to go to make sure it didn't happen.

The story has lots of twist and turns, and is exciting.  I was blow away at the lengths some people would go to jut to get back at someone they thought did wrong.  Granted Megan was not innocent at the beginning of this whole scheme, but had made up for it when she found out the depth of the deception.  Attempted murder, mayhem, kidnapping, you name it, it probably happens in this book.  It's so exciting.

I love how it came together and how well it was done.  I just wish I would have read it, and not listened.  Oh well, the book itself was still really good.  

I hope you take the chance to read it.  It's an exciting, clean, intense book.

Source:  I bought this CD for myself from Deseret Book.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  These are my own Personal thoughts on the book.





Stephanie Black
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STEPHANIE BLACK has loved books since she was old enough to grab the pages, and has enjoyed creating make-believe adventures since she and her sisters were inventing long Barbie games filled with intrigue and danger or running around pretending to be detectives. She is a three-time Whitney Award winner for Best Mystery/Suspense, most recently forCold as Ice (2010). Stephanie was born in Utah and has lived in various places, including Arizona, Massachusetts, New York, and Limerick, Ireland. She currently lives in northern California and enjoys spending time with her husband Brian and their five children. She is a fan of chocolate, cheesecake, and her husband’s homemade bread.


  1. Glad you liked this even though the narrator wasn't the best. Boo for it being the second in a series, I hate it when that happens! I wish they would label books and ARCs better when it comes to that but, either way, I'm glad you didn't feel lost. ;) Great review Becca and this is completely new to me so I'll have to check out book one.

    1. It was a good book...I am bummed the narrator wasn't awesome, but it was okay. I would go back and read the first one but i already know what happened so I wont.

  2. I read the book, so glad I got to miss out on the narrator. After reading this one, I purchased a used copy of the first, so I can get the whole backstory. I did understand this one without reading the first, so I DO know what you mean. Great review.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I wish I would have read it, but too late now :). hehe

  3. The cover alone is creepy. I like the idea of evil twins, that is scary. Too bad the narrator wasn't spot on.

    1. I love the cover as well :). I like the evil twin scenario as well :)