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Son of War Daughter of Chaos Blog Tour


Son of War, Daughter of Chaos

Aislynn is accustomed to watching for the enemy. Her parents instructed her from the time she was young to look for the signs: people with greater than normal strength, eyes that can glow green, and have the ability to jump long distances. Over the years, Aislynn has come to view her parents’ fears as quirks—things that get in the way of having a normal high school life. When Aislynn’s mother dies under suspicious conditions, her father doubles his restrictions. But all his precautions can’t stop the boy with glowing green eyes from finding Aislynn. She realizes too late she’s been drafted into an ancient Egyptian war, whether she’s prepared or not.  

My Review / Thoughts:

Aislynn, Roark and their father, are Setite's as well as Cordelia and Jack.  Who are also a brother and sister.  Then there was Dane one of Roark's friends.  Aislynn wanted to be more than friends with Dane.

Dane is a Horusian.  What is a Horusian you may ask?  Well I wish I could tell you :).  What I can tell you is that having read it I still cannot decide who the bad guys are and who the good guys are.  I wish I wasn't serious, but I am.  I LOVE, LOVE it when a book can do that to me.

Rallison (aka C.J. Hill) has done it again.  I have yet to read a book of hers that I have not fell in love with.  Her writing is beautiful.  This book was so intense.  It was AWESOME.

Like I said above I cannot tell if the Setites or the Horusians are good guys or bad guys.  I think there are good and bad things about both of them, so even as I was coming to the end, I was hoping to determine for sure who were the "bad" guys.  It might be more obvious to some than me, but Rallison realllllllly needs to do a sequel :).  I dreamt about this book last night, as I always do when a book doesn't have a definite ending.  I guess it could have one, but in my head there is so much more that could happen.  So in her interview at the end of the book she says that if she can sell 10,000 copies of this book she will do a sequel.  Lets just say, I am going to recommend this book to every person I know so that we can reach that goal.  I need a sequel....Selfish?  Of course I am ;).

I loved the Egyptian link in this book.  I loved the characters.  I loved the writing.  I do not think there is anything that I do not like about this book.  (well other than I want a sequel, but that is my own issue...hehe).

I loved this book.  That is all there is too it.  I wish I could say more, but almost anything I say will give too much away.  You should really go buy a copy!  No, Really!  I so want a sequel...hehe

Let me say, "I LOVE this cover!"  Rallison is a master at drawing me into whatever book I am reading of hers.  I am never disappointed with her books....I just added a few more to my collection :).

Source:  I was given this book as part of a tour, which did not influence my review in any way.  These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.

My Rating:

I was on my feet and running down the path before I could fully process what was happening. The dark swarm flew toward me. Their wings sounded like the dull hum of an incoming storm. I didn’t have to see them to know they were scarabs—the flesh-eating kind. The Horusians had pinpointed our location and flown in beetles to kill us. How they found us, I didn’t know.
As I fled down the slope, I slipped. My feet jerked out in front of me. I hit the ground, hard, skidding and then flipped over. I tumbled down the slope, clawing at the ice, trying to get a handhold. White flashes of snow jumbled together in my vision. Finally, I hit a flat spot. I managed to stop, pick myself up, and run again. Panic wrapped around me. I couldn’t make it off the ridge before the scarabs reached me, and even if I could, I had nowhere to hide from the beetles on this open stretch of land. Still, I ran. I wouldn’t stand still for death.

  Janette Rallison

Author Janette Rallison
Janette Rallison is old. Don’t ask how old, because it isn’t polite. Let’s just say she’s older than she’d like to be and leave it at that. Janette lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband, five children and enough cats to classify her as “an eccentric cat lady.” She did not do this on purpose. (The cats, that is; she had the children on purpose.) Every single one of the felines showed up on its own and refuses to leave. Not even the family’s fearless little Westie dog can drive them off. Since Janette has five children and deadlines to write books, she doesn’t have much time left over for hobbies. But since this is the internet and you can’t actually check up to see if anything on this site is true, let’s just say she enjoys dancing, scuba diving, horse back riding and long talks with Orlando Bloom. (Well, I never said he answers back.)

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  1. Great review! I so need to grab this one and read it and I agree, it has a great cover!

  2. I recently finished this book, my review posts today. I agree, both groups have their good points and bad. I could see both sides. I hope she sells 10,000 - I would love to see what happens next!

  3. You are right this one has a way cool cover. I love the Egyptian stuff and I always enjoy a book where I am constantly guessing on whether someone is good or bad. Your enthusiasm is making me want to drop everything and read it.

    1. I am glad I could get my enthusiasm across :). I love this book !

  4. Oh I love her! I didn't even know about this book! It went on my list, I'll have to read it! I love when I can't tell who is good and who is bad too!

    1. I love her as well! Her writing is so wonderful :)

  5. Totally agree Paij, I love when an author can make me unsure where the lines are and whose team they are on..it get's me very caught up in the story and sorting out.

    1. I'm still thinking about the bad/good guys :) hehehe!

  6. I'm so glad you loved this one! I stayed up really late one night to read it all in one sitting and it help my attention and kept me awake all the way through. I hope she sells enough too because I need a sequel!!!

    1. We talked to her at a signing at San Tan Mall. I told her I must have another book...heheh As if I have the power to make that happen. She is just such a fantastic writer, and she is even more fun in person :)