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Lord Elliott Mayfield has done his best to take care of his family, first his siblings and now his nieces and nephews. Unfortunately, he sees this new generation moving in the same direction of bad matches and scandalous relationships as the last. In hopes to change their course, he establishes a “marriage campaign” to motivate them to improve themselves through making respectable matches. With his hear in the right place, what could possibly go wrong?

Peter, Elliott’s eldest nephew, thinks the entire idea is ridiculous. A widower with two young daughters, he simply needs a governess, not a wife. Julia Hollingsworth certainly has the credentials and the experience, but is altogether too young and pretty for such a job. So why can’t he stop thinking about her?

Julia loves working as a governess, despite the objections of her mother, Amelia. And as it turns out, Amelia has a lot to say about the Mayfield men—none of it good. But Julia dismisses the rumors of ruined reputations and instead concentrates on helping Peter with his children and his fledgling business in canine husbandry. His kindness and gentleness is endearing—and increasingly attractive.

But Amelia, whose heart was broken thirty years ago by none other than Elliott Mayfield, is determined to prevent any relationship from blooming either between Peter and Julia—or between herself and Elliott.

Hearts and history collide as both couples must face their pasts and decide if risking it all is worth the promise of new love and a new future.


Oh, how I love a Proper Romance Series book!!!  Josi Kilpack knocks it out of the park with this sweet story.

 I haven't read a historical romance novel for a while, so this book was a breath of fresh air for me.  Not that I haven't enjoyed reading others, this is just my favorite kind of book.  All the fluff, and romance is just always such a great restart for me.

This book did not disappoint.  I have decided though that while reading these historical romances, that I probably would have been one the women back then that was stoned to death....or beaten to death....or you know, burned at the stake.  I was not born to keep my mouth shut, so stories like this sometime infuriate me... I am woman hear me ROAR, is what I want to say during the whole book.  Which I LOVE it if a book brings out those kinds of emotions in me.

Let's return to the story at hand though.  I want to just talk a little about the characters and what I love about them.  I think that is the best way for me to get my point across without revealing too much about the book, because you MUST pick this one up and read it for yourselves ;).

Lord Elliot - Is a good man.  He was determined to help his family over come scandal and dishonor.  He worked his whole life doing this.  I think his greatest achievement is his eldest nephew Peter.  Lord Elliot decides he is going to come up with a plan for his nieces and nephews to marry in a proper way and to renew the favor of the Mayfield family.  I just liked him because he was the kind of man who wanted the best for everyone and was willing to give up his life for the happiness of others.

Peter - Oh, Peter.  Yummy, sweet, delicious, handsome Peter.  It may be time to tell my husband that he has been replaced by my new book love interest.  Peter is the type of man, that I believe every man should be.  He is kind, gentle, hard working, and just a good man.  He does have one flaw I think though.  He didn't allow his workers to have personal lives.  Maybe because he was lacking one himself.  That doesn't last long, and it comes slow, and beautifully.  Peter had been married once before and has two beautiful daughters.  He needs a Governess for them though.  He cannot simply take care of his house and his land and his dogs without the help of a Governess.  Right?  

Julia - Oh, sweet, beautiful Julia (aka Governess).  Like I said, Peter couldn't simply take care of the children himself.  Peter needed Julia.  Julia, is my favorite.  I think I love her most because she is a strong willed woman, who is determined to live her life like she wants to, and not how her mother wants her to.  She loves being able to make her own choices, and be herself.  My kind of girl.  She loves children, which comes in handy now that she is taking care of Peter's two girls.  Who of course love her, because she is the greatest thing to happen ever.  She's what I want to be as a mother.  Alas, I am too late because mine are all grown, but maybe I can be like her when I have grandchildren.  So kind, generous, loving, and filled with attitude.  

Last but not least there always has to be that one family member that ruins everything.  Am I right or am I right??? hehe

Amelia - well lets just say Kilpack gave me a great villain to hate.  She might redeem herself, but boy does she make my blood boil.  Amelia is Julia's mother, and of course thinks that Julia cannot make any of her own decision.  I mean a girl not married by age 27 is just scandalous.  She is a bitter, sad, widowed woman.  When she finds out that Julia is working for a member of the Mayfield family she is determined to get her out of the situation, no matter how much harm or hurt it does.  Oh, shes a good character to not like.

This story and these characters weave together to make a wonderfully, beautiful story.  I couldn't put it down.  I love, love.  I know sounds sappy, but I do.  What I love most about this love story is that it is NOT love at first sight which dislike very much.  This is a beautiful story of two people who have so much in common and just gradually gravitate to each other in the most wonderful way.  If you are in the mood for a historical romance please pick this one up.  It's such a great story.  Kilpack just gets me every time.  She is such a beautiful writer.

Source:  I was given this book as part of a blog tour and street team member for Josi S. Kilpack.  I was not compensated in any way for my review.  These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.

oooey - gooey Peter and Julia 5 stars :).




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Josi S. Kilpack began her first novel in 1998. Her seventh novel, Sheep’s Clothing, won the 2007 Whitney Award for Mystery/Suspense. Rocky Road is Josi’s nineteenth novel and the tenth book
in the Sadie Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery Series. Josi currently lives in Willard, Utah, with her husband and children


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