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Based on a true story.
Maddie is a normal twelve-year-old girl. Well, except for the fake mustaches she carries in her pocket. She likes to make people laugh and slapping on a mustache, especially a fuzzy pink or neon green one, always gets a smile. Maddie hopes that the class queen, Cassie, will find her mustaches as funny as she does and want to play with her at recess. She’s been self-conscious lately because her right arm only feels normal when it’s curled against her chest and she’s constantly tripping over her feet. But that’s probably just part of growing up and not something weird, right?
When Maddie’s arm continues to bother her, her parents take her to a doctor who gives them a shocking diagnosis: the cause of the abnormal behavior of her limbs is a brain tumor and she must have surgery to remove it. She’s understandably afraid as he describes the procedure, but knows she must find a way to be brave and must face her fears–all of them–at the hospital, at home and at school.
She will need all of her courage not only to face her illness, but also to face Cassie at school. Both Cassie and Maddie are auditioning for the same role in the school play, but when Cassie accuses Maddie of lying about her tumor in order to get attention, Cassie’s bossiness turns into bullying.  And as Maddie’s surgery approaches, she begins to worry more and more about the outcome. What if something goes wrong? What if the doctors don’t get all the tumor out of her brain? What will happen to her family? What will happen to her?
It will take all of Maddie’s vibrant imagination, a lot of kindness-both given and received-and of course, the perfect mustache to overcome the tough stuff ahead of her.”


Get your tissues ready, because you are going to need them for this sweet book.  This book is told from Maddie's POV, and Maddie is only 12.  It's so sweet and innocent, that it brought more tears to my eyes.

Maddie is in 6th grade and is trying to fit in with everyone.  Like every sixth grader.  The class Queen is Cassie.  Cassie decides each day who gets to "walk" with her and be part of her group each day.  Maddie wants to be included so bad.

Maddie places a mustache on  her face as they are walking out to recesses and gets a laugh from all the girls, and in so doing wins a place at Cassie's side during that recess.  Lexi however is not quite so lucky.  Everyone gets picked except her.  Maddie in her mind thinks that is a bad idea, but is too afraid to stand up to Cassie and tell her that Lexi should be invited as well.

Cassie decides who can try out for what part in their plays coming up.  When turning in the papers, Maddie changes her at the last minute.  

In the mean time, Maddie's arm is acting up again.  Her fingers like to curl and her arm likes to hang in a funny position.  Her parents are concerned and call the Dr to get her in as soon as possible.

This is when Maddie's life changes forever.  Going through this journey with Maddie is both delightful, and heart wrenching.  This sweet little girl is faced with some devastating news, and yet she still tries to make every one else happy.  All that is except Cassie.  Well, she tries, but Cassie thinks that Maddie has made up her illness just to get attention.

There is a part in this book where Maddie writes a letter to her parents, and all the feels come out.  I thought I was doing well, until the letter.  Looking at Maddie's illness through her eyes, is well, eye opening.  She is scared of course but more than anything she wants everyone to know that she loves them.

I was blown away by how sweet this little girl is.  How brave she is, and how compassionate she is.  I don't know many 12 yr olds who would be worrying about others when going through what she is going through.  Maddie is a shining light in the world.   

Maddie's kindness has spread further than she can imagine.  When she sees how the world and her classmates have responded her heart is touch and she decides that even people like Cassie need to know they are cared for.

I need to take a page from Maddie's book and focus on being more caring and compassionate to others.  Especially those that I don't feel deserve it.  It's not up to me to decide.  I wish I had the innocence of this sweet 12 yr old girl.  She makes me want to be a better person.

Pick this one up!  I promise you won't regret it.  Maybe read it with your kids or as a family.  It is based on a true story, which makes it even more poignant.  It touches your heart strings, and makes you weep for the sweetness, and compassion Maddie has.  The world needs more Maddie's in it.

Source:  I was given this book as part of a tour in return for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.


This one deserves the +1!!!


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Releases October 3, 2017



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Chad Morris would love to be able to control animal avatars, see history in 3D, and show everyone how he imagines stories. Since the inventions that would make that possible currently exist only in his imagination, he settles for reading, writing, playing basketball, rappelling down an occasional slot canyon, dating his wife, and hanging out with his five awesome kids. Chad speaks Portuguese, can play the Phineas and Ferb theme song on the guitar, and does decent impressions of a velociraptor and Voldemort—but not at the same time. He isn’t very good at fixing his car, shopping for anything, cooking, or growing hair.


Shelly has always loved children and books so when she started writing, it seemed natural to write books for children. In her spare time, she loves the theater and traveling. She is also one of the worst tap dancers you will ever meet, but she does it anyway. In addition to her five children, she has three chickens and sixty-four Pez dispensers.

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