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Male or Female?

Nine is the ninth female born in her batch of ten females and ten males. By design, her life in Freedom Province is without complications or consequences. However, such freedom comes with a price. The Prime Maker is determined to keep that price a secret from the new batches of citizens that are born, nurtured, and raised androgynously. 

But Nine isn’t like every other batcher. She harbors indecision and worries about her upcoming Remake Day—her seventeenth birthday, the age when batchers fly to the Remake facility and have the freedom to choose who and what they’ll be. 

When Nine discovers the truth about life outside of Freedom Province, including the secret plan of the Prime Maker, she is pulled between two worlds and two lives. Her decisions will test her courage, her heart, and her beliefs. Who can she trust? Who does she love? And most importantly, who will she decide to be?


I go into every book I get for review expecting greatness.  I was certainly not let down!

Well, this book definitely had greatness and more:)!  It was exciting, different, and compelling to me.  I think I got a few messages out of this book, whether it was intended or not.  I love it when a book does that to me.

Nine lives in a world where people are born in batches.  10 men, 10 females.  Nine, and Theron were born from the same batch and are best friends.  Where they live everyone is the same.  Except Nine.  Everyone has shaved head and fair skin.  Nine has a shaved head but when her hair grows she has red hair.  She also has freckles.  She is different and stands out.  Every person is born with a gender, but can decide to change everything about themselves, or nothing on the day of their REMAKE.  They can decided to change their hair color, eye color, remove freckles (in Nines case), and they can decided if they want to change their gender.

There is no real conflict.  Every person knows their place, and does their job, and when they reach the age of their REMAKE that is when their life begins.  They get to choose a trade they want to be in after they are remade and live their lives separate from the batches.

Something happens on Nine, and Theron's REMAKE day that changes everything Nine has ever known.  This is when the book gets so exciting.  It's a great ride to go on.  Nine must figure out if living the life she has always led is really what she wants or if she wants "freedom".

Okay, this book made me just smile at the beginning.  Nine and her best friend Theron do everything together.  Nine doesn't like being different and Theron always reminds her that she is beautiful just the way she is.  He tell her she can be anything she wants to be.  I know this may sound silly but it kind of reminded me about the book "The Sneetches" by Dr. Seuss.  Some of the Sneetches get stars on their bellies and think they are better than everyone who doesn't have a star.  She felt as though she didn't have  star.  Then when they all have stars, no one can tell who is who.  Why would anyone want to be anything other that what they were born to be?  Nine apparently.  That is until she gets her first real taste of "freedom".

Nine finds out what it would be like to live a life outside of  Freedom Province.  I love the view of the "real" world in this book.  It takes you back to the basics.  With people tracking Nine she knows that the people she is surrounded by could be in danger.  Nine has to decide if she wants to go back to her life or stay in her new surroundings, where she has found something unique and wonderful.

This is such a great story, about love, family, being different, and finding out who you really are.  It has some great twists and turns in it, and romance as well :).  I always like that.  This book made me think about the "what ifs" of the world.  How there are so many people out there not satisfied with the life they have been given.  BUT, it also made me think about all those out there who ARE happy to be who they are and how one person can make a difference.  

Source:  I was given this book as part of a tour, in return for an honest review.  I was not compensated in anyway for this review.  These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.  Thanks goes to iRead Book Tours, and Shadow Mountain publishing for allowing me to enjoy this book. 





Ilima Todd was born and raised on the north shore of Oahu and currently resides in the Rocky Mountains. She never wanted to be a writer even though she loves books and reading. She earned a degree in physics instead. But the characters in her head refused to be ignored, and now she spends her time writing science fiction for teens. When she is not writing, Ilima loves to spend time with her husband and four children.

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  1. So happy this didn't let you down!

  2. Replies
    1. It was my pleasure :). Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  3. I had seen this one, but wasn't sure about it. It sounds good and you obviously loved it. Was it clean?

    1. Yes it was Tressa! I forgot to put that. I don't think about doing that unless there is something I think I need to warn about. I should just put it there always

  4. I like the focus on being different. I am sure there are some terrific messages in this one, Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was pleasure to share! I have been really lucky with the books I have had for review this month :)

  5. This book sounds so incredibly intriguing - and your review has totally convinced me that I need to read it!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. It was! I really enjoyed it and I hope you do as well when you get a chance to read it :)

  6. Oh what an intriguing premise Paij and this is totally new to me! Thanks for sharing it!