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I found this awesome meme because of Feed Your Fiction Addiction which led me to I'm Loving Books.  I love this meme.  It helps me read at least one book a month in my TBR pile that I have been dying to read and just haven't been able to.

Since I was able to get three done last month I decided to try it again.  I have finished the first one, so maybe finishing three will happen.  We shall see :).

 #1 is #257 - The Appeal of Evil by Pembroke Sinclair
pic and description taken from Goodreads


Katie wants to invest her heart and soul in love, but she may lose both to Hell.

Katie, a senior in high school, is torn between loving the “good” guy, her childhood friend Wes who makes promises he doesn't keep and abandons her when she needs him the most, and the “bad” guy, the new kid at school Josh who is also a real demon from Hell. Katie wants someone who pays attention to her and puts her first, but what is she willing to give up to find him?

My Review / Thoughts:

Katie has been in love with Wes since she was a kid.  Wes has pulled her in and pushed her away over and over again.  Katie finally decides to no longer put up with it.  Katie decides it's time to put Wes in her past.  Then comes Josh.  He is handsome, and pays attention to Katie even when she didn't think he knew who she was.  Katie is instantly drawn to him, because he isn't afraid to show Katie attention

I do not link insta-love.  It's just too unrealistic.  Yet, I can see how Katie falls for Josh so easily.  Josh pays attention to Katie, and Katie is determined to put Wes behind her.  How better than to go for the new guy?  It's a little much all at once, and I think it moves a little fast.  

Katie's world is torn apart in a heart beat.  When she meets Josh she learns that he is not all he is cracked up to be.  He is a demon from Hell.  What?  Yes, a demon.  Then to top it off Wes, decides to be everywhere.  He claims to be helping Katie get away from Josh because Wes is a Praesul, and hunts demons.  

This was a cute read.  It was a bit teeny bopper for me, and I say that as a compliment because I love teeny bopper.  Having said that, this was a little too teeny bopper..hehe.  I enjoyed reading it, and thought it was super cute, but the insta love wasn't my favorite.

I enjoyed the battle between Josh and Wes, and the struggle Katie had to go through to decide for herself if she really wanted to follow the demon from Hell or the good boy she grew up with.  

I cannot remember if this is suppose to be a series or not, because I am lame that way BUT it better be.  It cannot end the way it did.  It did not finish enough for me.  I don't like it when books do that to me.  When I read a book that is a stand alone and it doesn't end how I think it should I will spend the next week dreaming about it.  I always dream up either the ending I want, or a very traumatic ending.  hehe.  I know silly.

Source:  I bought this book for myself from Amazon.  I am not affiliated with Amazon in any way.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Pembroke Sinclair
pic and bio taken from Goodreads

I am an editor by day and a zombie-killer by night (at least in my books). Since the first time I watched Night of the Living Dead, I have been obsessed with zombies and I often think of ways to survive the uprising. 

I have written YA novels about zombies and the tough teens who survive the apocalyptic world, along with adult novels in the sci fi and fantasy genres. I have also written kids' books under the pen name J.D. Pooker.

I have written nonfiction stories for Serial Killer Magazine and published a book about slasher films called Life Lessons from Slasher Films under my real name.

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  1. I am starting to get sick of the whole insta love thing as well. It does sound like this is a cute read just maybe more for the younger YA audience.

    Great honest review Becca!!

    1. It is definitely for younger my opinion. I really enjoyed reading it though...but like I said, I like teeny bopper ;)