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For hundreds of years, all of our medical findings, our technological advancements, and even our weapons are a direct result of magical potions. Few people know about the truth because few people are aware of the hidden potion community known as B.R.E.W.–the Board of Ruling Elixirists Worldwide.
Twelve-year-old Gordy knows all about the importance of cauldrons, flasks, and Bunsen burners. He has an extensive knowledge of hundreds of ingredients including Toadflax, porcupine quills, and catfish eyes because Gordy’s mother is the Director of B.R.E.W., and he is an apprentice potion master with a secret lab in his family’s basement.
When the world’s most powerful potion–the Eternity Elixir–disappears and then mysteriously ends up in Gordy’s possession, he must use all of his skills to protect the “forbidden potion” before enemies of B.R.E.W. find and use it to destroy the world as we know it.
Gordy recruits his two best friends, Max and Adeline, to assist him while his mother leaves to confront the most powerful elixirist of all time-the great Mezzarix-who happens to be Gordy’s grandfather.
The Eternity Elixir is the first book in the Potion Masters trilogy.
Let us just start with the cover.  It's awesome.  I always fall in love with a cover before I even look at what the book is about.  Sometimes that is a good thing, and sometimes not.  This time it is definitely a good thing.  This book was so much fun to read. 

This is great book for any age reader, but will probably be particularly good for middle grade.  Although I am no longer in middle grade, and I loved the I guess it's good for old people too :).

I read that this book was about potions, so I just assumed it meant it was about magic as well.  I was wrong.  I guess I just assumed they went hand in hand.  Well, we all know what assuming does.  I am happy to say that this is just about potion brewing, and it was so exciting.  We all know how powerful potions can be.....and in this book we get to explore the world of potion making with Gordy.  His love for brewing sends us on an exciting adventure.

Gordy is a 12 year old boy and is already a master potions-maker just like his mom Wanda.  Wanda is an Elixirist, Fourth Class, and one of the greatest concoters of potions in the country.

Gordy learns that his mom works for B.R.E.W. and gets to visit work with her.  There Gordy learns what his mother really does for work.  When, Wanda gets an urgent message during Gordy's visit, they return home, and his mother leaves immediately.  

Gordy has two great friends that accidentally learned about his ability to make potions during a dinner one night.  Gordy, begged his mother not to erase all their memories, and allow him to share his gift with his two best friends, Max and Adilene.  Although, Gordy's mom would rather him work with other kids like him, Gordy has convinced his mother that his friends are trust worthy.  Good thing!

While Gordy's mother is away a strange package is delivered to their home, and Gordy decides to open it.  I guess he wasn't taught not to open things that are not addressed to him.  Once Gordy opens the package a world of chaos is opened upon his family and friends.

Who knew opening a package could be so dangerous?  

The ride I got to enjoy with Gordy, his friends and family was so exciting.  I read most of the book before bed one night.  It is a fast, fun, and exciting read.  If you or your kids like adventure, potions, mummies?, danger, and excitement this book is for you.  Pick it up!  Read it with your children, and enjoy the ride.  I am so excited to see where the next book takes us.  What an awesome beginning to a series!

Here is a fun book trailer to help you get even more excited about the book!!

I was given this book as part of a tour in return for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.



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