Tuesday, August 1, 2017


August is Romance Awareness Month!  There are so many great novels in the Proper Romance Series.  I am excited to tell you about the upcoming: 

Proper Romance Anniversary Facebook Party

Just Click this Heart and it will take you to the Facebook Page for the party, where you can participate or sign up to participate.  It will be such a fun month.

Make sure you check back here on August 9th for a special Giveaway for National Book Lovers Day, here on my blog.  I will be giving 3 Proper Romance books away as part of this fun month!

I am so excited to be part of this.  Who doesn't love a Proper Romance?  Here are some that I have read and reviewed on my blog.  Just click the book and it will take you to the review.  Every Author has done such a beautiful job writing, and it has been a pleasure to participate. (there are some that I have read that don't have a link to a review, because they were before I started reviewing books, but I will try to add my Goodreads rating to them.)

Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson  27844299  26848205


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I am reviewing one this month, and there are still a few I need to catch up on, but as you can tell, I have read a few of the Proper Romance books, and loved each one.  Make sure you check out the Facebook Party page (the heart), and if you press the banner at the top it will take you to the Proper Romance Facebook Page, where you will find fun giveaways all month!

Here is a fun calendar of upcoming event.  This will also take you to the Proper Romance Facebook Page!